Shed Sales Training 

Achieve The Best Results By Following The Learning Path Below

Welcome to your roadmap to becoming a sales professional. This approach empowers you to maximize your training by seamlessly integrating it into your daily sales interactions. Get ready to amplify your skills, boost your confidence, and watch your sales soar as you follow this simple, effective process.

Weekly Learning 

Each week, dive into one video lesson. Absorb the content, take notes, and envision how it applies to your sales approach. Understand the nuances of each technique and prepare to put them into action.

Implement & Observe

With the lesson fresh in your mind, step onto the sales lot. Engage with customers using the new techniques you've learned. Apply them in real-time scenarios and observe their impact on your interactions.

Test & Refine

As you engage with customers, pay attention to the results. What techniques worked exceptionally well? Which ones could use some adjustments? Take notes and adapt your approach accordingly.

Build Your Confidence

With each week's practice, your confidence will grow. As you see positive outcomes, you'll gain assurance in your abilities, making the sales process feel more natural and effortless.

Track Your Progress

Keep a record of your interactions and results. Track the improvements you've made using the techniques from the training. This data will help you gauge your progress and motivate you to push further.

Sharpen Each Step

Continuously fine-tune your techniques. Identify the parts of the process that resonate the most with your customers and refine them to suit your personal style and the nature of your customer interactions.

Mastery & Multiplication

As you progress through the videos and put the lessons into action, you'll notice your skills improving week by week. Your refined approach will lead to more confident interactions and increased sales.


Do each of the steps listed in this learning path for each lesson to help you obtain the best results. Transforming you into a professional salesperson in your field. 

What's included?

  • 12 Lesson 
  • 1 Certification
  • 36 Questions
  • 36 Videos
  • 12 PDF

Seamlessly become a sales professional

You will learn the 12 steps to the sales cycle from when a person arrives at your shed lot to when they leave happily with a newly purchased shed.

Words and phrases that sell

Learn from shed sales professionals on phrases that will help you become a better salesperson.